[ team immigration ]

There were two teams that lived in neighbouring cities. I was on the Blue team, but I wanted to immigrate to the Red team's city (because the Blue city was very boring), Me and my mom and our dog (he was a big brown dog) walked along the pathway towards the Red border. My dog ran ahead, so I ran after him. Just as I was about to get to the Red gate, I saw my dog run up to the guards and get shot and killed. I was so upset. I went up to them and asked them why they had shot him (because I thought that they had been afraid that he was going to attack them or something), and one of the female guards said "Because he could spread diseases, so we don't want him in our city". This made me VERY angry, so I said back to her "WHY? Are you scared that you might get some ASS disease or WHAT?!" (implying that she let dogs bugger her -- that's why she was afraid of dog diseases). She looked a bit embarrassed at my comment and the other guards laughed. I stole one of their guns and blew them all away. Then I went inside the city, sneaked into one of their government buildings, and started to shoot Red citizens in the crowd below. I killed several of them before getting nervous and running away to hide. Now I knew that I would be killed if I was caught. I knew that my mom would be OK in the new city, so I didn't have to worry about her, but I had to get the hell out of there before I was captured and executed. I found the local Red Cross and asked for sanctity. They had nothing to do with the Red team, it was a neutral group that supplied food to wartorn countries, and dealt with issues on human rights. In this case they were going to grant me sanctum and get me out of the Red city alive. I was allowed to hide with them until they were ready to cross back to the Blue side for supplies. When I got home to the Blue city I was relieved, but also disappointed in a way, because suddenly I remembered how damn boring it was here. Oh well. Maybe one day I would "visit" Red again, and kill some more of the dog-killing bastards. THE END

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