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name: Lyter
email: skywalker_1977@hotmail.com
url: http://qor.zeroping.com
day/night: night
dream:I had a dream the night of Saturday August 18th 2001 that was very vivid. When I woke up Sunday morning it was like getting off a rollercoaster and going "whoah!". Being involved and highly interested in the Half-Life modification Day of Defeat since it came out, it's pretty much embedded into my mind. Garbage is one of my favorite bands. With these two influences, it's not suprising having a dream combining them together. I didn't want to forget this dream that much and it was inspiring to make a quick DOD map.

Basically what happend is it's about 8:00 AM and I was wandering around some war torn modern day city. Next thing I know I'm supposed to fill the spot of Garbage's departed bass player (I used to play bass a while back and Daniel Shulman is not fully with the band - he plays with them in the studio and live). So I end up at their home which is unaffected by the surrounding destruction and I'm pretty much just wandering around their house where they all live. The band is going about their daily morning routines. Pretty crazy stuff...

Monday, November 26th 2001 - 01:03:43 PM
name: toaster!
email: toasterdanger@hotmail.com
day/night: day

I was working on some sort of alien colony. Me and another
guy- cheap lives, slaves doing hard labor. The place was a
dirty old abandoned warehouse or something similar. Most of
the colors in the place were brown or grey and there were
many pipes, tubes, ducts, and rickety little elevators. We
eventually get a break from working and are told by some
unknown means to put these round paper looking things on
the back of our necks. We do so and the things inject
something into our bloodstream, maybe nutrients or even
mind suppressing drugs. The words in our heads or whatever
tell us to only use the devices for 88 seconds, so we take
them off after that.
Thursday, October 26th 2000 - 12:05:51 AM
name: Amy Huntrod
day/night: day
dream:I was standing on a corner of this street and then three
faries flew past me and whispered wonder how you get there.
Then one mentioned HELL then I was suddenly flying I landed
in this red room and a devil was staring me right in the
eyes I was really scared and woke up so I don't know what
else happened!!!
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 08:04:48 PM
name: JessiGurl
email: cyberchic@connectsj.net
url: http://N/A
day/night: technically AM
dream:My favorite dream is from a long time ago when I was about
ten... but I still remember it vividly. I was standing
outside my mom-mom and pop-pop's house, and there were all
these doctors, nurses, and paramedics around. They had these
stretchers out, and they put men -- men I was related to,
and just men in general -- down on the stretchers to be
wheeled into the house for some kind of operation. After an
hour or so, they were wheeled back out... and they'd made
them into these monsters with blue, wrinkled-up faces...
It's been my favorite dream since, because it's always
interesting telling people about it.
Hehe; guess my current theories on men WERE right, afterall!
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 08:03:30 PM
name: Sophia
email: sophia6@gurlmail.com
url: http://expage.com/page/sailormoon2001/
day/night: 9/16/96
dream:I walked out of a down-town store and saw my mom in a car
that was not ours. I waved to her looking confused. She
motioned me to get in the car.I did what she told me to do,
but I was scared. My mom smiled at me and said,"Let's listen
to the radio. I'm sure the "Twilight Zone" is on (the
Twilight Zone is an old old old tv show). My mom turned on
the radio and tuned into a station. It did the "Twilight
Zone" theame song and the host started talking, then a...
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 08:01:13 PM
name: Harley
email: lock12@hotmail.com
url: http://none!
day/night: night
dream:well when i was about 10 i had a dream that i was a magnet
man and i could stick to stuff and this BIG indien was
trying to kill me and a bunch of other magnet men. so we all
climed up his leg and went in his mouth and choped his
inerds up ..........that was my cool dream
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 07:58:58 PM
name: Amanda
email: boycrazy376@chickmail.com
url: http://www.gurlpages.com/me1/guyluver4eva/index.html
day/night: night
dream:Hey. My dream is weird. Me and this guy I like a lot, we
shall call him "Billybob" well me and "billybob" are patners
in this science project. Well we go behind the 6th grade
hall and start making out and w get married and have two
kids named Tristin Edward S------ and Trinity Juliet
S------. and then we live in Columbia, SC and yea itz kewl.
I wish that it can come true. PLEASE go to my webpage and
sign my guestbook. thanx.
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 07:57:15 PM
name: Amber
email: hippie3@gurlmail.com
url: http://idontthinkihaveone.com
day/night: night
dream:Last night I dreamed that my (hot) friend and I were complex
lab experiments created by the government to interact with
society. Due to a glith in our program, we were able to fly
and had telepathic powers between the two of us. the
scientist had powers too, and we were trying to fly away
from him, because he wanted to discontinue our existance.
Ooh, scary! He flipped out his mind control device and we
fell from the air!
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 07:54:28 PM
name: Oregano
email: omm@gurlmail.com
url: http://www3.sympatico.ca/evilimps/index.html
day/night: night
dream:I was in a dusty town, and people were being thrown around
by a tornado. One guy was thrown over 20 ft. I bought him
lunch after because he looked hurt.
Thursday, April 13th 2000 - 07:51:38 PM
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