[ the evil pink monkey ]

In real life, my dog Sunny has a pink monkey toy. He bit it under the neck to kill it, then he pulled out all the fluff. This is true. In my dream the pink monkey was evil. I was upstairs in my old bedroom (the white back room that I had when I was little), and I looked under the bed, and there was the pink monkey. I got it out from under the bed, and it started saying evil things, like "I am going to kill you" and such. It moved in stuttery animation like CLICK CLICK CLICK (like the bad graphics in an old godzilla movie or something). I was actually trying to make it evil so I could have some action in my dream. Then I threw it away from me, and went outside. I started swinging down the street like Tarzan, using an old blanket to kinda whip around the tree branches. I would swing from it, then it would detach so I could quickly whip it around the next branch. It was fun because I was going SO fast. Then I got to Dundas street so I stopped. The end.

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