[ virtual platform game ]

I was going on an adventure in a kind of computer game with some people. We were all actually INSIDE the game so we had to be really careful. We each had a little control pad that we would use to do things in the game that wasn't possible in real life. Like, we had to fight and climb on our own, but accessing our inventory, getting information, or using power-ups were all done using the control pad. It looked kinda like a Gameboy, because you could plug cartridges into it as you gained new levels (or if you were lucky enough to find a higher level cartridge). I think everyone else had green or blue cartridges (beginning levels), but I had a brown level 3 one. This meant I could access more information (since my character was higher in intelligence), and I could carry more stuff, To get stuff out of your inventory you would just have to type it up on your control pad, and it would materialize in front of you. Before starting off on our adventure, we set up for some basic armour, and a sword each. Then we climbed into this small box-like area that had different worlds in each direction. We could choose where we wanted to play by climbing into that world. We chose a place that kinda resembled a platform game except in 3D. As in, there were all kinds of levels, ladders, halls and rooms that seemed to be placed with no purpose other than to act as an obstacle course with monsters inside. The monsters got progressively tougher the further inside you went, so we new we wouldn't run into anything too dangerous right away. We headed off into the platform world and started to climb up ladders and boxes, looking for monsters to kill. Then we climbed up a ladder into a small room. It had a low ceiling, and there was a wooden grate for a floor at the other end of the room. Below the grate there was a long drop down a square shaft into other rooms below. As we went inside the room we noticed that there were many large spiders in there (their bodies were about football sized). The spiders came towards us so we started swinging our swords and killing them. It was hard because we all had to crouch because of the low ceiling. We were too busy fighting to notice that our swords were hacking up the wooden grate floor. Suddenly the grate broke beneath me and I started to fall. Quickly I grabbed my control pad, accessed my inventory, and chose a grappling-hook gun. The gun appeared in my hand and I shot it up at the remainder of the grate. The hook caught on and I swung to a halt, just as I was about to be hit the ground. I explored the rooms down there a bit, but decided to go back up to where the others were. I got the gun to retract it's cable so that I would be hauled back up. Then I made my way across the shaky grate and down the ladder, back into the main gaming area. Finally I was safe, but everyone had abandoned me in the mean time. I guess they just all presumed I was dead! I looked around a bit, and eventually found them all. They had gone off to fight these other monsters, but now were on their way back. I asked them not to abandon me again, and we all headed off in search of danger. THE END.

©Oregano Multiplier, 2000. All rights reserved.