[ strangely hilarious dream ]

Me and my family were at this huge park, and we were getting ready for some kinda celebration with fireworks. It was something like Canada Day except way bigger. There were many other families and parties all camping outside the fireworks' grounds waiting for the big day. Well today was the big day, and everyone was excited. Our truck was parked in the middle of this concrete path. I got out and started walking across the grass, when two kids ran up to me. Their dad was supposed to be a friend of the family (he was actually the guy from Pleasantville, also in Dumb and Dumber) so I kinda knew who the kids were. They were each carrying shovels, and they started to swing them at me like axes or something. They thought it was funny, but I thought I could easily get hurt, so I ran and got a huge shovel out of the back of the truck, came up to them and said "OK so you wanna play a game? Let's play Whack-A-Mole, and you two can be the moles", and I hit the ground with the shovel (as if I was trying to whack them but I had missed). Heh heh. Then they started screaming, so their dad ran over with a shovel, and seeing what I was doing, he came over and actually hit one of the kids on the head with it, and said "Hey guys why don't we play this game for real!!" in a very sarcastic voice. He was mad at me for pretending to hit his kids. I was mad at him because he didn't understand the fact that they were trying to REALLY hit me first. He went over to a couple of his male buddies to "discuss" it, and I went up to explain myself, but he kept going "Hush hush! We must calm ourselves!" and wouldn't let me speak. But finally I just ignored him and SAID that they were swinging the shovels at me, then I stormed off. I was walking back towards the truck with a huge pout on my face, while dragging my coat along the ground behind me. Then I saw my boyfriend sitting on the back of the truck with some of his geeky roleplaying buddies, so I stopped pouting (so I wouldn't LOOK so mad, even if I still was). When I got up to them I flashed them all a totally fake sarcastic smile, went inside the truck and slammed the door behind me. I was just sitting there looking out the window, when I saw a couple friends of mine outside. One of them just kinda did a half smile at me at walked away (as if he was mad at me, or had other things on his mind or something). Then I saw another friend riding on his bike (he went to go past the truck), and he stopped to say hi to a couple of the geeks that were sitting on the back. Then he said hi to me, then sat on the front of the truck to talk to me. I looked around and noticed my boyfriend was now sitting in the back seat of the truck and was pouting (because I was talking to someone else). Then my parents came up to the truck and suggested we go buy fireworks now. I looked over at the main park area (it was behind these big walls with an arched stone gateway) and saw that people were starting to set off fireworks. Not because it was dark yet, but because it went cloudy for a bit, and some over-anxious people set theirs off anyway. So all the geeks jumped off the back of the truck, and we started off to buy fireworks. Anyway, we all got to this weird building that we had to go through to get to the place that sells fireworks. The only problem is that the way OUT of this building is a secret. We all went inside, and there were already some other people in there looking for the secret way to get out to the back. I climbed up this ladder and started digging at this foam-filler in a hole in the wall, because I remembered that that was where the hole was last year. As I dug deeper I found bricks that had been used to fill in the hole, so I gave up. I climbed down the ladder and started watching this group of guys that were looking for a secret switch or something. One of them turned on the faucet in the kitchen area, and all of a sudden pop started spurting out from the tap, and also spraying in little leaks in the wall. He was like "AGGHHH!! What the hell is this??!", so I said "Just drink it!". Then I went to see what was on the other side of that wall, and HOW the pop was being pushed through the wall, and yelled suddenly "NO WAIT!! DON'T drink it!!". On the other side of the wall was the bathroom. There was a shower with the plastic doors pulled shut, and the whole thing was full of cheap pop. Then there was a tube leading from the shower to the toilet! Someone had set up this contraption, so that the pressure from the toilet would force the pop through the faucet in the kitchen! The only giveaway was the fact that some pop was leaking though the walls. Then I left the bathroom for a second because I noticed one of my friends was now in the building, so I went to talk to her. When we got back, all the pop had been drained out of the shower, and the plastic doors were either folded back or gone. Now we could see there was a weird little tunnel made of porcelain in the same wall that had the showerhead on it. We thought it could be the secret tunnel out, but it was so perfect it looked more like it was made on purpose as a bathroom fixture. We THOUGHT it might be for washing your dog while you have a shower. Like, the dog stands in the little tunnel while you stand in the main shower area. Heh heh. So instead of crawling in the tunnel like two idiots to find out whether that was the way out or not, my friend decided to call a dog hotline called "Walk-The-Dog" and ask what the little tunnel was for. She pulled out her cellphone and called up. Someone was just about to answer when I suddenly thought of a problem, and said to her "What the hell are you going to ask them? What the little tunnels in your bathroom are for??!"  Of course they would think she meant the drain or toilet or something, so I starting laughing out loud! The idea of someone calling up a dog hotline to ask what your DRAINS are for just tickled me for some reason, because I actually WOKE UP going "BWAHAHAHHAHA!!!" The End.

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