[ wanderlust faerie ]

When I had my chrysalis and I found out that I was really a changeling, I was "adopted" by a group of other faeries. I had a foster mom, brother, sister and other members in the group. We lived secretly in a place that looked like my house, but slightly different. We lived upstairs in the attic, where no humans would find us. I was taking care of four human babies because they could see our true nature, being so young. Eventually I had to bring two of the babies downstairs because the family had come home. I told the babies that they would forever be faerie children because of this experience, and I knew they would remember. I brought the others upstairs. Then I tried to make my foster brother give me a kiss because I was leaving, but he wouldn't. Then I ran and hid in the bathroom, and I put on someone else's clothes as a disguise so the human family wouldn't notice me when I left. I snuck outside and ran away. I traveled to this forest and I started running through it, at the side of a large road. Then I started to get scared about the people in the cars seeing me, so I went deeper into the woods (but still running parallel to the road). One of my faerie powers was that the deeper I was in the woods, the harder I was to see. By going about ten meters into the woods, the regular banal people in the cars could no longer see me at all. Kids and less banal people might be able to. The only thing I had to worry about was the Dauntain (the Faerie Hunters), who were really faeries themselves so would be able to see me no matter where I was in the woods. I ran and ran through the trees, jumping over fallen logs and underbrush as I went. The forest itself was very full and thick, and seemed to go on forever. That's why I stayed at the side of the road so I wouldn't get lost in the deep woods. Later I went back to my foster family, who now lived in a new home, somewhere else in the city. They had left because the people in the old house were getting suspicious. Now we had a house of our own. I was looking around the new house, and I heard the phone ring and my brother pick it up. I used a bit of faerie magic to trick him into hearing our foster mom say "Get into the kitchen NOW. Supper is ready". I was in the kitchen at the time with my mom, and my brother was just in the other room. My mom laughed because she knew what I did. My brother was like "ARGGHH" and he came into the kitchen and glared at me. Then he pretended to be nice and he came over and gave me a hug. He kissed me on the neck and I was so suspicious that I was getting nervous. Then he licked my neck to be evil, and it was so gross and slobbery that I yelled and had shivers go down my spine. I jumped away to wipe off my neck, and he laughed. I said he was gross and I ran outside. I was the type of changeling who couldn't stay in one place for long, and they all knew and respected that. I had the urge to travel all the time, only coming back home for shelter and rest. They understood why sometimes I would be out all night or even for a few nights. They never worried about me, even if I was young. So I decided to do a little adventuring around the new neighborhood. I had noticed that down the street, there was this one house that the owner never came out of. I hid in the bushes of the house across the street, and decided to stay there and watch until I saw him. I stayed there all night, and I finally saw him very early the next morning sneaking out to get the newspaper. He was a Pooka dressed all in black. I came out of the bushes on all fours and hopped into the road so he could see me. He stopped in the door and looked. I expected him to be as happy as I was to have contact with another changeling, but instead he just frowned and went quickly inside. I went and told my family of this strange behavior, and they realized that he was really a Dauntain that had been following and watching them. The next night I was hiding, watching the house, and I saw my family in their faerie forms approaching the door. Most of them were Sidhe, and one of them had large faerie wings. They knocked on the door, and when he came to the door one of them chopped off his head with an iron-bladed sword (which means permanent death). They wanted to be rid of the evil faerie for good. I was upset that the only other faerie (besides my family) that I had come in contact with, was a Dauntain. So I decided to travel further throughout the city to find more like me. That was one of the reasons I felt wanderlust so badly. I knew that I couldn't find a mate among my foster family even though we weren't blood related. By Changeling Law we were related because of the adoption. I also knew that I could never have a real relationship with a normal human, because they would never be able to understand my faerie side. I had to find other changelings, and hopefully find one of them to love and spend the rest of my life with. I walked and walked through the city, with no luck. Once I came upon a teenaged girl standing in a doorway near a main road, and I noticed she was of Faerie Blood. She did not know what I was however, so I presumed she had not had her chrysalis yet. I grabbed my sketchbook out of my back pocket and wrote down the address. She just stood there and looked at me as if I was a weirdo (because I was looking at her so long). I traveled further still, until I found a home I had lived in, in a previous life. It was my house except it had been changed into a computer store. I went inside hoping to find a guy I knew in another lifetime, but when I found him he was a lot older, and he didn't recognize me. He was just a human anyway so I knew it couldn't work out. I left the store and kept wandering, hoping that one day I would find true love............ THE END

©Oregano Multiplier, 2000. All rights reserved.