[ exploding ducks ]

I had a cool dream that I was a soldier. My team was parachuting more people down to help me because I was fighting alone. First one guy came down. He was supposed to be my partner. Then they sent more people in groups of three. The first group had my boyfriend, a really tough looking guy, and a normal guy. We were all fighting a horde of little exploding ducks. They would run at us, knowing that as soon as someone touched them they would explode. So I would pat on them (to make them start the countdown to explosion) then throw them back at the enemy, taking large chunks out of their front line. The sucky thing was that the battlefield looked just like my basement, furniture and everything, even though it was supposed to be a large field at night. Soon the next batch of soldiers came. There was a guy from my highschool, and a couple others that kinda looked like Mr.Bean. They went upstairs to feed this creature some Alpo dog food. They thought it was a dog, but I said they would be surprised when they saw what it really was, so I think it was some kind of monster. That was basically the end of the dream.

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