[ summoning the devil ]

I was magic, and I was teaching these people how to cast spells. There was a large, leather-bound Book of Magic, which the students were looking through. One of them gets the stupid idea to try to summon the Devil by putting out the eternal black-flame candle. As long as the candle was lit, the Devil couldn't come to Earth. But now that it had been put out, the Devil was going to come and destroy the Earth... unless I could stop him. First I cast the spell to re-light the special black-flame candle (which was inside a glass orb somewhere far away). But that didn't work. The damage had already been done. So I decided to try and persuade the Devil not to come, by giving him a gift. I would give him the black-flame candle. It was useless to us, but it was a very powerful artifact, and it had the power to prevent him from coming to Earth. I figured he would really like to get his hands on this candle. So, I set out to find the candle, and I dragged along the guy who had summoned him in the first place. We went outside and saw storms brewing and tornadoes forming... the precursor to Armageddon. Then we saw a creature with bat wings come out from a nearby building. Already demons were being set loose on Earth. I figured the only way to escape the creature was to fly away, so I cast a spell to give us angel wings, and we flew away. Eventually we found the black-flame candle, so I hurriedly cast the spell and sent it to Hell. Then we both waited silently, hoping for the disaster to subside. Suddenly there was a great calm, and we realized that it had worked. The Earth was safe for now, but the trouble wasn't over for us. Two angels came down from the sky and arrested us for almost destroying the world. The guy I was with had been the one to summon the Devil, but I was his teacher and supervisor, so I was in trouble too. They took us to a giant courtroom in Heaven. All of the angels started filing into the room and sitting down. God was in the front of the room as the judge. We went through the trial, and got off with only a dire warning since we had managed to stop the disaster before it started. We were then sent back to Earth. I immediately went back to the classroom, took the Book of Magic, and locked it up so that no other idiots would be allowed to see it. THE END.

©Oregano Multiplier, 2000. All rights reserved.