[ borderlands ]

I live in a different town, with a different family. I am on the bus with some of my "friends". The only problem is that everyone in the town seems to dislike me. They pretend to like me, but it's all an act. When I go home I find out that I am a little kid. There is a boy who likes me and he wants to be my boyfriend. I try to avoid him most of the time. When I get to where my parents are working, I see a man with a gun. He tries to kill me, but the boy saves me by splashing a bucket of water on the man. Now I have to be the boy's girlfriend even if I don't really want to. We have to leave the town before we get killed. We travel along this river. There are large, light brownish-gray boulders at the side of the river, and where the boulders turn into the cliff side there are small caves (it was just a small cliff, about 12 ft high and not very steep). We go inside one of the caves, and a Sasquatch sees us, and it starts to chase us. We try to lure it back into the cave so we can escape, but it manages to stay on our trail. Then the boy leaves me to lure away the beast, and I keep running. The rocks at the side of the river get steeper and steeper until I am on the top of a cliff, and the river is far below. The boy finally catches up with me again, and he has managed to get rid of the Sasquatch. We keep running until the river forks in two. We want to get across the river to the third section of the cliffs (in between the river's two forks). We find a rope bridge, and we manage to cross it, but it breaks as soon as we reach the other side. Now we know that our parents won't be able to find us. Now that we are on the other side, we start to climb down the rocks so we can reach the river. The boy goes ahead to see if its safe, and he soon comes running back to say he has a surprise for me. I follow him to the bottom, through the trees, and to this hollow tree. There are wolf cubs inside the tree, and they are mewing for their mummy. I pick up one of the cubs, and I decide to keep it. It looks like a gray and white furry hamster with a tail. Then we figure we had better get out of there since the mom should be back soon. We travel alongside the river until we come to a swamp. There are rocks, logs, and half-submerged cars in the water. We jump from one to the other until we make it into this building. There are hallways lined with desks and filing cabinets, but the center of the hallway is just water, so people need to use little rafts to get from one place to another. Everything is all cluttered with papers and files. We climb on top of a filing cabinet. Someone shouts to us "Hey runner, we need a file on this, get it quickly". Now we realize that they hire kids to be runners, so that the adults don't have to use their raft every time they need a file. There is no roof on the building, so when we get a file, we can just climb over the wall into the next hallway and hand it to whoever needs it. Then someone tells us to go see Ruth, because she is the social worker in charge of the children. We say to her that we are staking out new lives for ourselves, by travelling to new places and supporting ourselves. The new town we are at is called Borderlands, and we shall be able to work there until we are ready to move on. The End.

©Oregano Multiplier, 2000. All rights reserved.